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Core Team

Sarah Pomeranz

Managing Director

Originally from Boston, Sarah developed her interest in using business concepts, skills, and talent for the good of society while studying global business, entrepreneurship, and social justice at Rutgers University. During her university years, she co-founded Sulis, a social venture developing solar-powered water cleaning technology for communities in India. Through her work on Sulis, Sarah learned about Effective Altruism and pledged to give 10% of her salary to highly effective charities.

While working as a strategy consultant at Accenture, Sarah established an Effective Altruism workplace group to encourage her colleagues to use their skills and resources in the most impactful ways. As the Effective Altruism Consulting Network’s first Managing Director, Sarah loves meeting and finding ways to help inspiring and talented professionals apply themselves to the world’s most pressing problems.

Strategic Advisory Board

We are grateful for the guidance provided to our organization by our strategic advisory board, who support the Managing Director by providing input on key strategic decisions and acting as stewards of the organization. Our board of highly accomplished former consultants have also worked at a range of high-impact Effective Altruism organizations, including:​

Workplace Group Leaders (Nodes)

The beating heart of the EA Consulting Network is our workplace groups, led by our fearless Nodes, who are on the ground every day supporting altruistically-minded consultants at the world’s largest consulting firms. Our impact-driven Nodes work tirelessly to provide their colleagues with resources to learn more about Effective Altruism, maximize their firm’s impact, and serve as warm and open first touchpoints for consultants into the EA community.


If you work as a consultant at one of the firms below and are eager to connect with your firm’ workplace group, or if you don’t see your firm and would be interested in starting a workplace group, please reach out to us at

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