General Application

  • General expression of interest in working for the Effective Altruism and Consulting Network

  • Support the Effective Altruism and Consulting Network to have a tangible impact and help its members to do the most good for the world

  • Connect with a community of mission-driven and interesting people and senior leaders from different consulting firms and effective altruism organizations around the world

  • Gain experience in community building, volunteer management and operations

  • Send your application to


About the EACN

The Effective Altruism and Consulting Network (EACN) is a community of more than 300 consultants across the globe aiming to spread the idea of Effective Altruism within the consulting industry and beyond. We have key contacts at each of the biggest consultancies (McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Accenture, etc.) responsible for driving core EA ideas. 

The organization aims at maximizing the social impact of its members by fostering a community of like-minded professionals, investing time and resources strategically on and off the job, and donating effectively. It also serves as a link between consultants and the wider EA community. 

Past success included the creation and distribution of a giving guide leading to 150 000 EUR in donations collected and the introduction of bi-monthly coffee chats to connect with members or a panel discussion, which was joined by 400+ consultants.

To learn more about the network, have a look at our website or read about our latest activities.


About the Role

We are always excited to get to know and potentially work with outstanding individuals. We encourage you to send us your CV and three bullets each for your motivation and interest so we can potentially schedule a call.


About You

We expect a successful candidate to:

  • Be passionate about helping others to do the most good

  • Be open to the ideas of effective altruism

  • Be willing to evolve

  • Be able to prioritize several projects simultaneously while being highly organized

  • Work well both independently and in a team

  • Be fluent in English


Many excellent candidates have other qualities or experiences that make them well-qualified. We encourage you to mention anything you think is relevant in your application.

If you're unsure of whether to apply because you don’t know if you’re qualified, we would love for you to apply anyway.


Application Process

Please send your application to, including:

  • CV or LinkedIn profile

  • The top three reasons why you are motivated to work for the EACN (500 words max)

  • Your top three interests (500 words max)

  • The person who referred you (optional)



We are happy to answer them! Please email with any questions about the process or the opportunity.

We are committed to building a diverse applicant pool. There is some evidence suggesting that individuals from underrepresented groups tend to underestimate their abilities. EACN does not want the application process to dissuade potential candidates. We strongly encourage interested candidates to apply regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, physical ability, educational background, socioeconomic status, etc.