Donating strategically, combining the heart and the head.

Why not maximize the positive impact achieved through donations this year by informing your colleagues about how they can do the most good?

Probably the easiest way to multiply your impact x100 (or much more) this year, while also positioning yourself as an EA expert and triggering EA discussions.

We compiled a GivingGuide and prepared an E-Mail that you can share with your colleagues. The only things you have to adapt are:

01. PowerPoint

Add yourself as a contact person on Slide 13 and bring slides into your company format.

02. Mail

Check whether your employer matches donations and replace the text marked in yellow with your company-specific information.

03. Share it!

Send the GivingGuide to colleagues, friends and share it within your company!


Feel free to reach out to in case of any questions. Let’s maximize impact together!