Your high
impact career

You have 80,000 hours in your career.
Invest them strategically.


Generally speaking, we recommend the 80,000 Hours career guide, which offers free, evidence-based career advice tailored to talented graduates and young professionals.

We want to especially highlight the very useful career decision planning tool to facilitate your decision process.

Below you find a list of general ideas, which is not exhaustive. (Please note that career choices highly depend on your unique position so read this rather as inspiration than as final advice. Personal fit is a big consideration, so be keen on exploring more options on 

Additionally, feel free to contact us for informal feedback on your career plans.

Impactful things you can do in consulting/business:

01. Donate 10% of your income - and drive real change! If you sign the Giving What we Can Pledge, you can save at least one life a year or deworm thousands of children so they can attend school and live a healthier life. Check out Felix blogpost on how he invests in a better world


02. Found a (tech) start-up -  and pledge to give a chosen percentage of your personal proceeds at the point of liquidity. Join the powerful founders pledge community, which already collected 2bn+ in pledges from founders of companies such like Google DeepMind and Klarna


03. Promote the community - and increase your impact many times over, through influencing other altruists to pursue the very best opportunities for doing good. Most people are excited to hear that there are charities out there which really make a difference and that they can contribute to it. Some members of this network have for example founded EA communities within their firms or influenced (spending) decisions of senior leaders

04. Specialize in high-impact areas - work in fields within consulting which are seen as especially impactful, such as anything involving artificial intelligence or public policy 


05. Apply your comparative advantage - how could you leverage your unique position, skill-set and network to support EA causes? This could include talking to high net worth individuals you might know, informing influential people about effective solutions in their area or offering your skills to effective organizations

06. Connect with like-minded people - in professional and private life e.g., by identifying colleagues in the directory and adding yourself to it

Impactful things you can do, outside of consulting/business


Even though management consulting was one high-impact career path recommended by researchers of 80,000 hours for career-building and earning to give, they updated their view arguing that you are more likely to have impact outside of economics, especially by focusing on our long-term future. However, this might not be true if you are an exceptionally good fit (e.g. Top 10% of your peer group in a top strategic firm).

Here are several ideas that might be a good fit for a consultant outside of economics. However, also check out the career profile of 80k to find content that might be more helpful for you.

Find current high impact job openings below: